Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Nice Pair

Earlier this week the latest collaboration between Erol Alkan and Boys Noize - a double A-side 'Lemonade/Avalanche' was finally released by Erol's label Phantasy Sound. This is a pairing up there with rum & raisin, bangers & mash and skinny jeans & deck shoes: the best DJ I saw last year (Boys Noize at the Custard Factory) and Alkan, who has as much as anyone in his field to define the popular modern electro/dance scene.

After initial listens the pick of the two is Lemonade, which pairs a riff tending towards the Boys Noize end of the spectrum, with the 'a bit more interesting than just thump-thump-thump' beats of Erol. Avalanche is an altogether darker and more brooding affair - the Scar to Lemonade's Mufasa, if you will. Only time will tell whether it will become the better song, before being usurped and thrown to the hyenas by a young upstart Lemonade remix returning after 'finding himself' in the clubs of East London.

Here you go:

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