Sunday, 4 April 2010

Pitchify is Good.

Spotify is the the definition of amazing, I think we're pretty clear on that. But sometimes I open it up and feel totally overwhelmed by what it offers, I just face it with a blank expression as my brain fails to focus on a band or album that I might like to listen to. It's at this stage that I retreat to my 'safety band' - a padded cell of an album that I can put on when my mental jukebox goes into meltdown. More and more frequently have I been turning away from the overabundance of choice that Spotify presents and just listening to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's debut.

BUT ALL THAT HAS CHANGED! Well, all that has changed when I'm gawping at Spotify thinking 'I wish I could just think of a critically acclaimed non-commercial band to listen to' (which, lets face it, is the prayer I offer up the most often). Pitchify has been linking Pitchfork's highest rated albums to Spotify since the end of last year (and added Drowned in Sound reviewed albums in Feb) and is really very good for suggestions of new things and older things to listen to 'if you like that sort of thing.'

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