Sunday, 2 May 2010

Well Done Kele

'Tenderoni' - the debut single from Kele Okereke (usually found fronting Bloc Party) got its first play on Zane Lowe this week, and it's a banger. With the underground-going-overground sound of the opening synth, comparisons to Wiley's 'Rolex' will be inevitable, but this has the uplifting soul of the best of Bloc Party's material (i.e. not the 'oh no! what is happening in this paranoid world in which we live?!' stuff) rather than Wiley's playful aggression.

It sounds pretty ripe for a remix - maybe by someone with an uplifting vibe like A-Track, Boys Noize or Fake Blood (or even someone really amazing like Tony Lamezma) rather than the typical Dubstep house of representatives. Get on that please Kele. Ta. Album is out on June 22nd.


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