Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hello Sunshine

We bloody love Boys Noize and Fake Blood here at LIFB, so how happy do you think we were when we saw the new Boys Noize-produced Kano tune at #5 on the Hype top 10, closely followed by a housetastic, vocal-extending, remix of Fake Blood's 'I Think I Like It'? Very happy, that's how.

The Kano tune is a bit back-of-the-top-deck-of-the-number-94-ghetto, but has production crisper than the crack of ice in rum and coke. The EXTRA ADDED VOCAL ACTION! of what the extensively named Tommie Sunshine & Figure EC$TACY have done to 'I Think I Like It' steals the tune away from sweaty 3am dancefloor territory and places it right in the middle of a park full of the coolest people you know, playing hackey-sack and tossing frisbees, in vest tops and straw hats. Like the Marks and Spencers adverts done by American Apparel.

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