Monday, 2 April 2012

Fierce Festival 2012 - Dachshund U.N and Love Letters Straight From Your Heart

We had a grand old time out on the town last weekend, picking out two highlights of Fierce festival - Birmingham's annual performance art jamboree.

First up was Bennett Miller's Dachshund U.N. - a performance / installation hybrid involving a recreation of a U.N. office with dachshund rather than human representatives. Aside from the pleasure gained from the surreal nature of the performance, the best part of this event was witnessing the culture of West-Midlands dachshund owners. The U.N. representatives were recruited entirely from their ranks, and dozens more turned out to support. If only the real U.N. was quite so convivial...

Secondly, Love Letters Straight From Your Heart was a touching piece of theatre that mixed audience contributions and short scenes to celebrate what it is to express love. The show veered close to schmalz,   but avoided it through a sense of honesty that was reflected in the use of TROVE, a superbly ramshackle and versatile venue, as the setting. Cava was poured, dedications read, and there was a brilliant bit involving Kate Bush. We defy anyone to leave this show without becoming at least temporarily misty-eyed.

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