Sunday, 1 July 2012

Race to the Finnish - Black Twig

Photograph by Heidi Uutela

We're going on our Summer hols, and Mrs LIFB has sorted us out with tickets to Flow Festival in Helsinki. Loads of the acts are Finnish and in the lead up to the festival we're going to be profiling some.

Black Twig are Helsinki-based and signed to small local label Soliti. Although their name, and the title of 2011 tune 'Death Scene', suggest they are part of the great Scandinavian doom metal tradition, they actually produce perky indie. 'Death Scene' combines chiming, shoegaze-y guitars with earnest vocals, whilst this year's single release 'Paper Aeroplane' opens with guitars set firmly to REM mode, and has a chorus with a series of woos - like a European Dandy Warhols - that are going to sound perfect floating through a Finnish afternoon. 

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