Friday, 24 August 2012

New Finds at Finland's Flow Festival: Elifantree

Elifantree are a Scandinavian jazz-pop trio, signed to independent Finnish jazz label Eclipse Music. Their debut album, Love and Trees came out in 2010, and they followed that up with this year's Time Out. We caught them on the Tiivistämö stage, where they were exceptional enough to draw the crowd to their feet, away from the delicious sushi and noodles served in there.

Vocalist Anni Elif Egecioglu has hints of Kate Bush in her freewheeling delivery, and drummer Tatu Rönkkö has one of the most triumphant drumming faces we've ever seen. Rounding off the band is saxophonist Pauli Lyyntinen, who, alongside cheer-inducing solos, adds the effects that push this into Bjork territory.
ELIFANTREE - That Girl from Charlie Harjulin on Vimeo.

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